Administration of Madhubani District
Administration of Madhubani District consists of 21 Development Blocks and these are Jainagar, Pandaul, Rahika, Bisfi, Benipatti, Basopatti, Babubarhi, Rajnagar, Madhepur, Khutauna, Khajauli, Jhanjharpur, Ghoghardiha, Ladania, Madhwapur, Harlakhi, Laukahi, Andharatharhi, Lakhnaur, Phulparas, Kaluahi. Further, the district has five sub-divisions, namely Madhubani, Jaynagar, Benipatti, Jhanjharpur, Phulparas. According to 2001 Census, total population of Madhubani District is 3,570,651.

Economy of Madhubani District
Economy of Madhubani District is basically dependent on agriculture. Major crops grown in the district are Wheat, Sugarcane and Pulses. Rearing of cattle is an important subsidiary occupation of the district. The district is well stocked with cattle. A number of veterinary hospitals and dispensaries have been opened at different centres in the district which has reduced the mortality of cattle. In terms of trade and commerce, this district exports fish, handloom cloth, mangoes, sugarcane, paddy, and brass metal articles to various cities insides and outside the state. It imports medicine, machine, fine clothes, shoes, and cosmetic materials from other places. A number of rice mills and timber saw mills have been set up in the district. Madhubani has been an important centre for trade.

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